Go read.  You can come back in a bit and be mildly confused.

Look, it's CLI-tan.

..or don’t (if you did, good).

Ubunchu is.. interesting.  I’ve lately taken to ignoring most things that so much as mention UbunchuUbuntu (as my StumbleUpon history will attest to), but it’s good to know that there’s still plenty of sense, if you know where to look.  Not everyone is spewing nonsense from their nostrils, evidently.

The truth is over there

There’s a pretty impressive amount of truth lurking in Ubunchu under the silliness and not-quite-OS-tan levels of moe.  Basically every opinion voiced in the manga is accurate, IMHO.  In my mind, there’s a place for each OS- each has is strengths, and certain weaknesses- what you get from any system is a combination of what it can offer well and what you put in.

Ubuntu, for example, is a very newbie-friendly Linux distro, and it’s very good at being free and (generally) easy to use.  Try to control it too much, and it might break on you- that’s just how the game works.

Arch, my Linux distro of choice, is quite different- it’s one that expects you, the user, to go poking around and configure things yourself.  Arch is great at being configured to exactly fit your needs, provided you’re willing to take the time to learn things for yourself (do eeeet, I say).

Windows is good at being itself- not free, but generally worth the price for those who know what they’re doing.  I’ll freely admit that Windows tends to be overkill and even something of a liability (what with malware and all) for uninformed users, but I feel that power users can get a lot out of Windows with excellent dev tools like Visual Studio, a huge multitude of games, and the multiple ways to do just about anything.  Say what you want about Microsoft, but their developer support is superb.

OSX?  Well, it’s good at being simple to use and not free.  I won’t say much on that since I generally make a point of ignoring Apple products, but I hear such systems are well-liked in the creative community.  My main complaint is that it generally only gives you one way to do whatever it is you might want to do, which is rather painful for someone like me, who likes to poke around in things.

Bottom line

Operating systems bring a variety of benefits to the table, and it’s up to you, the user, to decide which one(s) fit your computer usage style best.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to SSH into my server to check on my CLI IRC client. ( ^‐^)_

Oh, and I want a sysadmin’s club.

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