A divergence meter note

Somebody had asked me about the schematics for my divergence meter project.  All the design files are in the mercurial repository on Bitbucket, but here’s a high-resolution capture of the schematic for those unable or unwilling to use Eagle to view the schematic: dm-rev1.1.png.  Be advised that this version of the schematic does not reflect the current design, as I have not updated it with a FET driver per my last post on this project.

On the actual project front, I haven’t been able to test the FET driver bodge yet.  Maybe next weekend..

2 thoughts on “A divergence meter note”

  1. Hi! Have you finished making this and where can I find more recent project update posts? It seems this one is the latest, unless you’ve ditched the project.

    Eagerly waiting your reply, LT. 🙂

    1. This is the latest, but I wouldn’t exactly call the project dead. Just.. frozen in a slow-moving glacier? I did some (re)design work recently (last month), so maybe there’ll be power supply progress in the near future.

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