An illustrated guide to LLVM

At the most recent Rust Sydney meetup (yesterday, “celebrating” Rust’s second birthday) I gave a talk intended to provide an introduction to using LLVM to build compilers, using Rust as the implementing language. The presentations were not recorded which might have been neat, but I’m publishing the slides and notes here for anybody who might find it interesting or useful. It is however not as illustrated as the title may seem to suggest.

It’s embedded below, or you can view standalone in your browser or as a PDF, available with or without presenter notes. Navigate with the arrow keys on your keyboard or by swiping. Press ? to show additional keys for controls; in particular, s will open a presenter view that includes the plentiful notes I’ve included.

In case of curiousity, I built the presentation with reveal.js and its preparation consumed a lot more time than I initially expected (though that’s not the fault of reveal).