I’m Peter Marheine. I have a BS in Computer Engineering from Michigan Technological University, and am currently working on a MS in Computer Science at the University of Utah. I’ve worked on a wide variety of technical things, from web development on down to my primary interest, systems programming.

Most of my own projects can be found on Bitbucket, with some outliers on Github instead (particularly my contributions to Rust). A copy of my resumé, among other things, is available at me.taricorp.net.

Around the web

There are a number of other places I can be found around the web, usually going by the alias of ‘tari’ or some variant thereof. Some of the more notable places I can be found:

  • I’m an administrator at Cemetech, often lurking and acting as the unofficial sysadmin.
  • I maintain a personal presence on a number of other sites too, but the more interesting ones include Youtube and last.fm.  Many more can be found in the sidebar.

Other people

I know these people and have some interest in what they have to say:

This site

I strive to ensure that everything on the site is handled gracefully even in less-capable user agents such as elinks or w3m, most significantly by avoiding the use of client-side scripting (i.e., JavaScript) wherever possible, but also by including images only sparingly. If it feels “old-fashioned” or not-as-shiny-as-you-might-like: good; the web is not a magazine with glossy presentation, it is a reflowable vector for presentation of information without enforcing a precise format.