'Windows 7'

fb-hitler is a small Linux-based utility I wrote a while ago to mimic the functionality of Windows 7 as envisioned by XKCD‘s Randall Monroe.  Hacked up in a weekend of feverish documentation lookup with a little actual coding thrown in.

What’s it do?

fb-hitler just grabs hold of a framebuffer, displays a picture of Hitler, then flashes a different image when it receives a SIGINT.  It was designed to run as a replacement for init, but I suppose you could run it normally if you really wanted (with some hacks, anyway).

Where do I get it?

Get the latest version here: fb-hitler-0.1.tar.gz


They’re plentiful, this program being the first thing I ever really hacked up for a Linux framebuffer.  Notably, my color channels are wrong (the eyes are supposed to flash red) and it can’t set the framebuffer mode to the one it wants.  Not to mention hiding the terminal’s cursor doesn’t work for whatever reason.

I’ll probably get around to cleaning it up and trying to fix these bugs at some point.

Version History

0.1 [01/11/09]: Initial public release.

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