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Better SSL

I updated the site’s SSL certificate to no longer be self-signed. This means that if you use the site over HTTPS, you won’t need to manually accept the certificate, since it is now signed by StartSSL. If you’re interested in doing similar, Ars Technica have a decent walk through the process (though they target nginx for configuration, which may not be useful to those running other web servers).

For convenience, you can follow this link to switch to the HTTPS site.

SSL enabled

I just enabled SSL on this site in a fit of paranoia. It shouldn’t cause any problems, but please let me know if you notice something that’s broken. Normal browsing shouldn’t be affected, but site login is forced to SSL. My (self-signed) certificate has SHA1 fingerprint 6c:e4:77:91:e8:59:f8:d1:fd:ea:cf:87:6b:af:ce:3b:19:be:fa:b5.